Lavender Moon Launches New Approach to Acupuncture

Lavender Moon Launches New Approach to Acupuncture

Lavender Moon Acupuncture announced recently a new approach to it’s patient-focused care. Yasurakana was developed specifically as a way of helping the Rockledge, FL, clinic provide care for their regular, recurring patients and patients who have specific time constraints.

Yasurakana can make acupuncture more affordable to more people and it also means you almost never have to wait for an appointment.

Instead of the clinic’s traditional, private, Minkan treatments, patients are seated in recliner chairs separated by shoji screens. Treatments are quicker (only about 20-25 minutes) and designed to be perfect for patients requiring a quick turnaround or drop-in appointment.

“Because we already have an established relationship with our patients, Yasurakana allows us to get right to the subject with them,” said Lavender Moon founder and director Heather Poole Smith. “All of our treatment-specific communication is done in private, and only the treatment is done in our Yasurakana space.”

This unique approach is not meant to replace the full, private, Minkan treatment experience, but is intended to make acupuncture available to people with specific, practical needs.

With Lavender Moon, Smith created a uniquely healing space that patients are responding to with great enthusiasm. Specialties range from pain and pain syndrome, acute and chronic injury, pediatric care, gynocological health, fertility, seasonal allergies, auto-immune conditions, and much more.

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